Regular sessions

We offer a huge range of classes and activity sessions for all ages, newborn to adult.

What to expect at our classes

Instrumazing Babies: a gentle and welcoming music class for little ones aged 0 – 18 months. Enjoy giggly lap songs, action songs, lullabies, rhymes and musical play activities with engaging props and instruments. Babies will experience the sound of live music from the cello, ukulele, kalimba and much more, which stimulates the brain and cognitive development in different ways to recorded music alone.

Instruminis: joyful, interactive music class for little ones and their grown ups introducing musical concepts and exploration to build the foundations in music education. action songs, musical play activities and exploring sounds together all to the sweet sound of live music from the cello, ukulele and various other exciting percussion instruments!

Sing, Sign & Storytime: learn to sign through original songs and familiar favourites, engaging stories and musical play activities! It’s never too early to start signing, babies who are consistently signed to will often start to sign back at around 6 months. We use a gentle and child-led approach that doesn’t put pressure on children to join in, we teach by modelling and making signing fun!

Musical Stories: come to storyland where we bring traditional tales to life through magical live music and songs! This is a brand new class where Emily (and the help of her cello, ukulele, flute, kalimba and many more instruments) will tell a different story each week, interwoven with songs and sounds for little ones to immerse themselves in.

Pregnancy yoga: suitable for all trimesters. A relaxing class which focuses on pelvic floor, strength building and gentle stretches, with a little bit of birth preparation thrown in. The perfect way to relax during your pregnancy.

Mum and baby postnatal yoga: suitable from 6-8 weeks post-birth although you may be ready sooner (contact us if unsure). Yoga for mums with babies nearby, this class will stretch you out, chill you out and give you an opportunity to meet some local mums.

Chilled yoga: a slower paced class which features breath and movement designed to challenge but relax you. We’ll work with our bodies to find what feels good – taking time to stretch and relax. This class is very beginner friendly and a great way to finish the week.