about us

The Cloud Space is brought to you by Emily Hasson and Lizzie Edwards, music and yoga teachers. They were desperate to have a home for their classes together, but also to create a space that is all about community and play, for both children and adults.

Lizzie started her journey into yoga in her early twenties and trained to be a yoga teacher when her son was born in 2018. Her journey to the Cloud Space has come through teaching yoga to adults, then to children and also teaching swimming to under 5s.

Emily has over 16 years’ experience in working with children through music and in nursery and school settings. She believes in starting children on their musical journey in their early years through good quality and varying musical experiences.

Our interests: community and play

Why community?

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that we need community, and that community makes everything better.

The way we seek to build a community here is by making the Cloud Space a place that everyone enjoys coming to. The thing with spaces where kids come for classes and play is that they can be a bit, well…kiddy. The Cloud Space is for every age, and we seek to create opportunities for communities to form by putting on events and classes that offer the option for people to chat and get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

But it’s not just about the community of the people who visit us. It’s also about how we do business, too. There are loads of amazing small businesses in Northamptonshire doing fantastic things, and we want to use the Cloud Space to partner with them. So you’ll see that we stock products from small businesses in our shop, that you can enjoy tasty cakes and coffee from local suppliers in the cafe, and you’ll also see a big range of workshops and classes from other businesses we love.

Why play?

Play is a huge part of what we do and something that inspires us both. We both believe that play is powerful for everyone and the Cloud Space is a place that both children and adults can come to play.

It’s well known that play is an incredibly important way for children to learn, but we tend to lose this as we get older – adulting takes over and everything gets a bit serious: we start replace our play time with to do lists and place outcomes and achievements over enjoyment.

And this isn’t just about coming to play café. This is also about our classes and other offerings and runs right through our approach. Emily’s music classes always include opportunities for free play with many different instruments, and Lizzie’s yoga classes are an opportunity to use our bodies to explore new possibilities without any pressure of doing things in a fixed way.

Our approach to play

  • There’s no right and wrong. Our approach to play is open-ended and person-led. Everyone is different in the way that they play.
  • There’s no expected outcome. Experimentation is the key and how we learn, and there’s no pressure to be productive (this is especially important for adults!)
  • It needs to be fun! Because why else would we play?!

Any questions?